Monday, March 23, 2009

My Alchemist

Atlas Shrugged Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

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Phenomenal!!!! the best i've ever read.. [I screamed out this part, when I was just about half way through the book:]

The best gift this book has given me is an identity to several of my thoughts and instincts, which earlier I could not streamline with any school of thought that I came across in my life so far - they were antagonistic to my religious college's "spiritualism" and a bit out-of-bounds of our Indian middle class pragmatism (accept the reality, what can we do anyway). I could not stand certain attitude, but I did not know why; and I absolutely admired some others, again I did not know why. I wondered whether they were just a knee-jerk hostility and an enchanted awe blinding me, but now I can see that they were just the abuse and embrace of a single doctrine - objectivism.

And the best part is, my way of thinking is just the starting point of the Ayn Rand framework. I always knew I had a long way to go, and this certainly is the best guide to choose and follow the right path.

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Priyanka M said...

Oh God!!! Why didn't you call me after reading this book?????????? Kitnaa kuchh discuss kar sakte the phir hum!! :D

Venkatesh said...

its never too late! :)
I can talk at length about this one. Achche se call schedule karke isko discuss karenge :D